Rosa Canin flowers oil
 Rosa Canin flowers oil

Rosa Canin flowers oil

Herbal oil or oil extract of Rosa canina flowers, which has a scientific name (Rosa canina), is made in a purely natural way. We use as a basis pure olive oil from our farm in which the flower buds are soaked for 40 to 45 days. During this time, all important substances are eliminated in the sun, then the mixture is filtered. Use a dense strainer or gauze. We wait a few more days for the sediment, then transfer it into dark bottles and store it in a cool and dark place, not in a refrigerator. Herbal oil can then be used for healing or cosmetic purposes. It is worth remembering that everything that is applied to the skin comes sooner or later into our body. So our herbal oil is 100% clean. In stores, you get only 10% or 20% of the content of this herbal oil everything else is mixed with other cheaper oils. Pay attention to that
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